In 1972, leaders in the St. Louis construction industry launched PRIDE of St. Louis, Inc. – the nation’s first voluntary construction labor-management organization. The PRIDE acronym defines its mission – Productivity and Responsibility Increase Development and Employment. Today Saint Louis Construction Cooperative stays strong to its original name and mission.

Where progress begins.

Born of a need to build better together, we voluntarily collaborate to address the needs of consumers, building trades and contractors to champion St. Louis as a great place to build—and most of all, work to create a stronger industry based on a foundation of cooperation.

Model for America.

We are the first, voluntary construction labor/management/consumer cooperative, joining hands more than 40 years ago for the good of the industry. And continuing to be first with new innovations to build an even better future: first in safety, first in education, first in diversity. First to the future.

No wonder labor, management and consumers across America are following our lead and coming together in their own communities. While we appreciate the recognition, the only reward we truly seek is a stronger St. Louis.

The voice of quality.

Why wouldn’t the most highly trained professionals be the most productive? Here you’ll find the best disciplined, most cost-effective, safest and most respected craftsmen. Consumers have a choice: and consumers who choose union are rewarded with the best value. Promoting this value is our cause—and our passion, at St. Louis Construction Cooperative.

Our industry’s front door.

Only we can be the true advocate our industry needs—an objective platform for settling disputes, solving issues, sharing business intelligence, promoting industry growth and establishing a vision for the future.