Public Relations
Develops and orchestrates plans that consistently raise awareness of the highly proficient skills and safety that define St. Louis general contractors, subcontractors, and the highly skilled union craft workers they employ. The committee partners with economic development, business, and civic leadership to leverage the assets of the St. Louis union construction industry. In addition, the committee maintains all forms of communication methods to the general audience.

Finance & Events
Oversees finances for the St. Louis Construction Cooperative and develops industry events to advance the organization’s mission.

Diversity and Workforce Development
Develops and orchestrates plans to ensure St. Louis is amply supplied with a diverse, highly skilled, and safe construction workforce to meet the region’s future building needs. The committee maintains the industry’s Careers in Construction Manual. It coordinates with St. Louis joint labor-management apprenticeship training programs to recruit the workforce of the future. It assists in developing a sustainable minority contracting community through the Regional Union Construction Center minority incubator.

Reviews and keeps the St. Louis construction industry apprised of the highest safety standards and advances best practices in risk management.