Dear Prevailing Wage ally,


We are taking a stand and fighting back to protect Prevailing Wage in Missouri. This is a quick 3 week campaign meant to engage our members, families and friends and unite to protect the wages of the working family. The goal of the campaign is to engage as many supporters as possible in a quick period of time and get them to take action by contacting their representatives immediately. Due to the repeal of Prevailing Wage being a very time sensitive matter, we are driving everyone to the protectmofamilies’ Prevailing Wage “Take Action” page, but through the URL:


We need everyone’s help to be successful. Here’s how YOU can help:


  • We have attached a Protect MO Wages Tool Kit compiled with calls-to-action, messaging and links to campaign platforms like the website and social media. Please pass this along to any and all fellow allies in this fight to help spread the word and to encourage more action.


  • Taking Action ONLY takes 5 MIN or LESS: Please take the 2-3 minutes at most to submit a message to your representative in support of protecting Prevailing Wage at and then visit the ProtectMOWages Facebook page (or any of the other social media pages)  and ‘like’ / ‘follow.’


  • After you’ve submitted your message to your reps, the best way and easiest way for you to assist is to help spread the word through social media and word-of-mouth. By liking or following our social media pages, you can easily ‘share’ with all you friends/family any of the many posts we will be sharing on these pages.


  • Have a regular daily/weekly meeting with members/employees? Take 5 minutes of the meeting and ask them to get on their phone, submit their message and to like the Facebook page.


Bottom line, all we ask is that you join us in taking action in this fight. Submit a message to your reps and spread the word encouraging others to take action as well.  Discuss this looming tragedy with your coworkers, friends and family. Discuss it often.